Both mentioned apps generates Binaural Beats and those might be possibly dangerous for some people like Cardiac patients who have experienced irregular heartbeat issues, especially those who have a pacemaker installed, should consult their medical practitioner before using binaural beat...
Your device is still asking to re-calibrate itself by waving in a figure 8 motion? This mostly happens on iPhone 4s devices which has the metaled frame. The magnetic sensor is quite sensitive. So while using a real magnet to play, do not get too close to the sensor.  
 If  you are having trouble with Binaural Beethoven Lite that use to crash, please make sure you are using the latest iOS.  
      *Brain Starter - 6 stages, 4 basic frequencies  getting in the session to the higher tones, should help you to wake you up ** independent carrier (100 - 140 Hz)  at frequencies (1.5 - 4 Hz)  ** independent carrier range (200 - 350 Hz)  at...


22/02/2011 11:24
New updated version of Binaural Beethoven Pro and Lite available now on the App Store. New versions come with design and sound quality changes. Additional natural sound (blowing wind) in both versions. Enjoy.      
22/12/2010 12:05
 Enjoy Pro version of Binaural Beethoven with almost 3 hours of great Beethoven harmonies and musical instrument Funky Shaman which includes 12 instruments, each with 4 different possible sounds to make by shaking or tapping. See Products for more info.
06/12/2010 22:13
     Just today has happened that the new version of Binaural Beethoven is available on the app store and ready for you to download. Mainly with the version 2.0 you can enjoy the new look ready for retina display and control features are quite bigger and more in control....
18/11/2010 20:42
...be sure you're not gonna miss it.
14/09/2010 09:44
 Surprise! There is a quick update of Binaural Beethoven Lite 1.3 ready for download in the App Store. In the section Binaural has been added beats to make you sleep. Try out and let me know your experience. For more details inside the app.  
09/09/2010 13:17
     Finally new version of Binaural Beethoven  Lite is available in App Store now. There is plenty of new stuff inside the app. New nature sound section which allows to mixup nature sounds with binaural beats and partially electronic sounded  version of...
07/08/2010 11:13
 Since today, there is a new version of Binaural Beethoven lite 1.1 available for download
12/07/2010 20:58
A new iPhone app will available on the iTunes this summer called Binaural Beethoven lite. Basicly consist of 3 of the very fine Ludwig van Beethoven tunes which are done as electronic remake and one binaural beats pattern for meditation.  Hope you will enjoy.  
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