Binaural Beethoven Pro and Funky Shaman on sale.

22/12/2010 12:05
 Enjoy Pro version of Binaural Beethoven with almost 3 hours of great Beethoven harmonies and musical instrument Funky Shaman which includes 12 instruments, each with 4 different possible sounds to make by shaking or tapping. See Products for more info.

Binaural Beethoven Lite with new UI

06/12/2010 22:13
     Just today has happened that the new version of Binaural Beethoven is available on the app store and ready for you to download. Mainly with the version 2.0 you can enjoy the new look ready for retina display and control features are quite bigger and more in control....

Funky Shaman is coming...

18/11/2010 20:42 sure you're not gonna miss it.
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