Binaural Beethoven Pro - Major update

21/04/2011 06:32
Brings two more sonatas "Fur Elise" and "Waldstein", two more harmonic progressive binaural beats sessions (Lucid Dreaming and Reduce Stress) and three more natural sounds (Crickets, Small river and Seagulls). Now there is more then 1000 possible sound combination that can better make you relaxed....

Cool Percussionist instead of Funky Shaman

08/03/2011 18:22
 There is no longer Funky Shaman available on the app store, but the same engine was used to build up "Cool Percussionist" app. Hope you will enjoy the new design and possibilities.      

Binaural Beethoven update

22/02/2011 11:24
New updated version of Binaural Beethoven Pro and Lite available now on the App Store. New versions come with design and sound quality changes. Additional natural sound (blowing wind) in both versions. Enjoy.      
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