Binaural Beethoven Lite version 1.2 available now

09/09/2010 13:17

     Finally new version of Binaural Beethoven  Lite is available in App Store now. There is plenty of new stuff inside the app. New nature sound section which allows to mixup nature sounds with binaural beats and partially electronic sounded  version of Beethoven sonatas. 

    Binaural section has two more beats to be combined with other sounds - brain awake and recharge. More description about these inside the app.

    New Alarm that works even when your iPhone screen has been locked for better battery life.

    Brand new "night screen" for showing you actual alarm settings or switching off settings. Digital time clock available on the screen as well. Just double tap the green text to exit the screen and reset settings.

And some image-design hope you will like that.